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Cyra is an online text-based game, traditionally known as a MUD. What makes Cyra different is its user friendly client, enriched with beautiful custom artwork and extensive graphical widgets.

Cyra is currently in active development, please browse our site to learn more about the project and get to know the community.

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Posted on 09/10/2011 by Vassi

Welcome to the new site!

Please excuse all the dust. Despite the shiny appearance, the site is still very much under construction and a good number of its links and sections are still placeholders or - at worse - broken links. All of these will be fixed in due time as some of the content that can currently be found on our old forums is migrated to its new home.

Updates to the game and client will continue, as will updates to the site, as time allows. Please browse through the forums, which have also been moved, and mind the announcements regarding your new user accounts.

I really do wish I could devote myself to this project full time but the harsh reality remains that there are many other projects, nevermind the run-of-the-mill interferences of adult life, that get in the way. As always, we remain committed to the end-goal, even if we have no idea when we'll get there.

Current Phase: Dev Preview

Next Phase: Alpha

ETA For Next: Unknown

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